Local Government and Administrative Law

The work of this department is focused on municipal and provincial government and administrative
law. We represent local authorities, government departments and administrative bodies, as well as
other clients who have issues of dispute with similar entities.
We deal with interpretation and enforcement of bylaws, town planning legislation and related
legislation; training and workshops on SPLUMA compliance; Interpretation and drafting of various
statutes, ordinances, bylaws and regulations and the Judicial review of various administrative decisions.
The recovery of property rates for municipalities; Valuation and administrative appeals as well as
representation at tribunals.

Corporate and Business

We advise and represent a broad range of clients regarding a wide variety of business matters and
transactions. Our targeted business clients range from and include startup ventures; small companies
to large corporations; non-profit organizations and others. We provide an innovative and allencompassing
legal service to our clients which include:

  • Company secretariat services;
  • Formation of companies and registration of trusts and other legal entities;
  • Risk management analysis and
  • Drafting and vetting of Agreement.


Conveyancing and Property

We provide advice on Commercial developments; Contracts of sale, donation and exchange;
Developments of sectional title and share block; Expropriations; General property advice; land
sub-divisions and consolidations; lease and option agreements; mortgage bonds for financial
institutions; Municipal Conveyancing; notarial leases, bonds and servitudes; Private / third party
bonds; residential, commercial and industrial township transfers; structuring of property trusts;
timeshare developments township establishment and development.


The firm covers a broad range of legal disputes and represents both corporate and
individual clients. We appear regularly in both the high and magistrates court and
before tribunals.

We deal with arbitration, mediation and alternative dispute resolution;
building and construction disputes; commercial and contractual law;
Immigration and residency permits; Land claims, property and will
disputes and matrimonial, custody and family matters.